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We have had many years of wonderful puppies and awesome clients and have made many great friends through all of this process.  This summer we had a very nice litter of 9 and we are announcing that this will be our last litter.   We will not be breeding anymore.  Now we will completely enjoy the adventures and time with our adults in the remote mountains of Montana...thank you everyone who has made a part of your lives special to us!!   Warmly, Mary 

                                       Owning Up

So you've decided a lovingly little puppy is just what you need...

And you've decided the beautiful awesome Eurasier is your favorite breed.

A fresh new born puppy who's mind is as clean as an erased chalkboard slate..

One you can train, mold, and shape into what you think you want to create.

You have visions of all the things this new puppy's life will do for you!

Many reasons and thoughts have convinced you this is what you should do

But my Friend, please think of this little life that will be placed in your hands...

And all the changes in your life his/her presence will demand.

A puppy is not a toy to toss aside when the newness wears away...

Or lock in a cage when all the things you thought did not go your way!

They say money can't buy loyalty, friendship, faithfulness, and love..but that is not true!

As these are just the things you can count on this pup giving freely to you!

Are you really worthy of the complete devotion this pup will give to you to the last beat of his/her aged old heart?...

Or will you give up on him/her, abandon him/her, ignore him/her and tear his loving heart completely apart!!

Think long and hard my Friend...before you buy that fuzzy cute pup!!

Then put that money right back in your wallet if you're not totally ready to

              "OWN UP!" 

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